Friday, December 5, 2008

Thoughts on Secret Invasion/Dark Reign (SPOILERS)

I have very mixed feelings about the "resolution" of Secret Invasion and the transition into Dark Reign. BEWARE - SPOILERS FOLLOW.

First, why did Janet have to die? Did there have to be a "big death"? Couldn't they take Hank? Or when he came off the Skrull ship, couldn't they just throw him back? I may not be a Marvel zombie, but even I realize how important the Wasp is to the heart of the Marvel Universe. You already took Steve, you ripped Peter and MJ apart - enough already. (At least Reed and Sue's kids survived - can't be so sure about Luke and Jessica's, though - really liked the latest New Avengers, by the way.)

Second, I think it seems a bit drastic to pile everything that happened on Tony. The Skrull plot was in place for years before Civil War. And even if the Civil War did open the door for the invasion, it is by no means obvious that he is to blame for the war, much less everything that occured afterwards. (This is actually part of the topic of my planned chapter for Iron Man and Philosophy.)

But even if people do blame Tony, fine, get rid of him. But... Norman? Just because he shot the big bad? Hello?

All that said, I'm somewhat curious about some of the contents in the Dark Reign preview - though I'm very reluctant to buy Dark Avengers at $3.99 for 32 pages. (I may buy the first two issues, leading up to New Avengers #50 and the apparent big throwdown between New and Dark, but it's probably trades after that.)

In general, I'm really not looking forward to months/years of darkness in the Big Two comics universes. Evil won in DC, darkness reigns at Marvel. It's enough to make a guy read Donald Duck.

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Mephizell said...

The whole Dark Reign thing seems kinda weak. I just cannot see Dormammu sitting down at a table with ANYONE under his status. Everyone else in the group, except maybe Loki, would be beneath his notice - and he seriously betrayed Loki when he obtained the Evil Eye.
Norman Osborn and Emma Frost might as well not even be there. Doom is cool and powerful, but still, it's Dormammu - he seriously unbalances the group, and so does Loki.

I would also really like to see an end to all this Skrull bullcrap - it's gone on long enough and wasn't that great to begin with. All Earth's heroes really should've done is somehow contact Galactus and have him incinerate every Skrull on Earth, and then take out the rest of their armada and home planet (again). Just my opionions.

Chad Bailey