Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Watchmen and Philosophy interview

Check out my interview for Watchmen and Philosophy at WatchmenComicMovie.com - I had a fantastic time taking with Glenn, who runs the site, and the interview came out wonderfully.

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Hi again, Mark

Loved this interview. Very good. Also news to me that the X-Men and Iron Man books are due. I wasn't a bone fide geek when I was young, but I did read a fair few Marvel and DC comics and Iron Man was always my favourite, somehow. Don't know why, quite. I thought they did a real good job with the film and am looking forward to next year's sequel.

This is a cheeky question, but I take it you only consider contributions from philosophy grads/profs. I've done a bit of writing in my time (not published) and did get some positive feedback on my B.Ed dissertation (on Man Ray and Lee Miller). I'd love to try a hand at submitting something. don't spare my feelings!

all best