Friday, December 11, 2009

New focus on Green Arrow and Red Arr--I mean, Arsenal

New this morning from DC's The Source - big shake-ups regarding Green Arrow and Roy Harper, who will apparently go back to the codename Arsenal after adopting the name Red Arrow in Brad Meltzer's JLA relaunch (and in deference to Kingdom Come).

I always liked Roy (theTiger Woods of the DCU - help me out, Google!), and I thought his "grown-up" identity of Arsenal was great (even though I agree with the internet poster who objected to the word "arse" being part of any superhero's name). I hope he recovers from his recent flesh wound in Justice League: Cry for Justice, and I'm looking forward to the renewed emphasis of him. (Check out Devin Grayson's Arsenal mini from 1998 for an earlier treatment.)

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