Friday, January 8, 2010

New Iron Man armor

Today Marvel Comics released an image of Tony Stark's latest, set to debut in April's Invincible Iron Man #25:

I have to admit, I liked the Extremis-era armor - very imposing - and this new armor is much more streamlined. Also, the lit parts of the new armor remind me of all the highlights on the Heroes Return armor, which I was not a fan of. But we'll see how it looks "in action."

Any thoughts?


Brontodon said...

I preferred the older armors that "conformed to wearer," as the Iron Manual stated. They showed us that there was a fit, muscular man inside the armor. The latest armors (including the one shown in the movie) harken back to medieval knight-type armor and basically look more robotic.
br>Also, all the lights on the new armor give away Iron Man's position and make him easier to see and track - not necessarily the best characteristic when in battle.

comicsprof said...

Thanks for the comment, Brontodon - good point about the lights, though I assume he could dim them (but would he--this is Tony, after all!).

I gotta admit I liked the Extremis armor, but to each his own!

Brontodon said...

I am looking forward to Iron Man 2, but I am afraid they have taken the character very far away from the one I loved in the comics of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.


Hi Mark

It's been awhile. Got the new IM book and loving it. Also like the new film a lot. You? Don't tell me.. you haven't seen it yet ;-). Love to know your thoughts when you do. What's next?


comicsprof said...

Hi, Andy - the movie's not out in the US til Friday, but don't know when I'll see it.

Thanks for the nice comment on the book - working on Green Lantern now!