Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well, I didn't see that coming (Spoilers for JL: Cry for Justice #7)

SPOILER WARNING for Justice League: Cry for Justice #7 below...


Last chance...

OK, here goes.

I think everyone had a feeling that Ollie would kill Prometheus at the end. But I didn't predict the death of Lian, Roy Harper's daughter with the assassin/villain Cheshire.

While I am very sad to see her go--I thought she really humanized Roy, as well as providing a much needed comic foil in so many books--I am just as glad that DC chose not to show her dead body, instead displaying Ollie, from behind, holding her in his arms, with just her leg visible with some blood on her pants. It was a very tasteful way to show the death of a true innocent, and I personally thank DC for their discretion. (At the same time, I had no problem with the Sentry's ripping Ares in half in Siege - I agree with Bendis' reasoning that they needed to show how horrific this act was.)

I wonder if this tragedy is going to being Donna and Roy closer, now that they both have lost children. I didn't like their pairing before (during the first run of Titans), but now there seems more motivation to it.

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