Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reborn - gee, I wonder...

Marvel has a five-issue mini-series solicited for July with the simple title Reborn, written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Bryan Hitch. No details given...

It's pretty obvious who will be "reborn," right? I just wonder how they're going to do it - with Brubaker writing it, though, I'm sure it will be good...



Hello Mark

I give up!

Actually, I wanted to ask you, though it's not the appropriate thread (I couldn't find one!) - what did you make of the Wolverine movie?

I've seen a lot of negative reaction. Once again, I don't have a history with the comics but liked the movie trilogy. I had a pretty good reaction to the latest film, though Wolverine as a character has his problems, for me.

V interested to know your view (i'll be getting the new book, but maybe this won't cover the latest film? I don't know).



comicsprof said...


Sorry to have taken so long to reply - I haven't been checking my own blog (much less updating it) as often as I should these last few weeks.

I haven't seen Wolverine, but please don't take that as a negative comment - I see very few movies anymore (occasionally on DVD, never in the theater), and superhero movies almost never (in either format). In general, I find that most attempts to commit superheros to film miss the point - superheros are supposed to be awe-inspiringly larger than life (metaphorically), not make starkly realistic.

(That sad pun was intended - actually, I watched the first half of Iron Man last night, and I'll finish it tonight. I think that movie worked better than most because Iron Man can be made "larger than life," given the spectacle of the armor, unlike Batman or Superman, who are ultimately normal guys in spandex.)

I do plan to watch Watchmen when the DVD comes out, but that's an odd case, in that the original book was intended to bring the superhero down to earth (Dr. Manhattan not included), and my question about the film is whether it left them there. (Nothing I've heard or read says that it didn't, so that's a good sign, though Veidt's movie costume had me worried.)

I should write a longer post on this topic sometime, because it comes up in most interviews I do for the pop culture/philosophy books. Thanks for prompting me to start, Andy!

Take care,

comicsprof said...


When I wrote my comment minutes ago, I had forgotten that you're a "film guy," so feel free to take me to task!



Hi Mark

Thanks for the reply. In turn, I'm sorry for leaving it so long. Tech problems and unable to get online.

By now I guess you've finished 'Iron Man' and perhaps are preparing to watch Watchmen soon. I hear the Director's cut is even better. Be good to know your reactions. Did you catch my cheeky post in another thread re: Iron Man?

I do take your
point about comics. My feeling is that (to state the obvious) film is an inherently different media and can offer different things. Reach different people. But the essential mythos and archetypes etc. of superhero stories remain, hence the popularity when they're done well. Dark Knight, Iron Man etc.

But I am a film fan, as you note, and am thus a bit prejudiced.

I'm enjoying Batman and Philosophy at the moment. Nice opening chapter! Tempted to skip to the last one, but will wait.

All best!